Property Preservation Evaluations

Cumberland View Towers, Madison, TN

Cumberland View Towers, Madison, TN


The Property Preservation Evaluation Report delivers information about your affordable housing Property to help you map out a preservation strategy.  The framework for the Report is organized around your goals.  It includes a section that explains "what you have", which details all of the HUD and other funding regulatory rules and opportunities that may impact your options and may add complexity to the project.  Using your goals, the Report presents an evaluation of all options you have for refinancing and preserving your Property, and concludes with a set of recommendations and next steps to help you and your stakeholders move ahead with preservation.

This Report format has been developed over the last decade using a method of analysis and education that is meant to be easily understood by a broad audience. This makes it an excellent tool for your Board of Directors and other stake-holders.  With our relationships with HUD and industry experts, we are able to bring to you the most recent interpretations and opportunities that are out there.

When several of our clients wanted to explore preserving their affordable housing communities, we turned to Gates for Financial Feasibility Assessments. The Assessments played a key role in strategic planning with our clients. One of our clients stated “This is exactly what we needed to give us a clear picture of our options”. Gates completes her work in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend her services and expertise to any of our clients.
— Mark Barcelon, Managing CEO of Barcelon Associates Corporation (Walnut Creek, CA)